Four Wheel Drive NSW and ACT Inc. represents almost 80 Clubs in NSW, ACT and SEQ. We are members of the Australian National 4WD Council. This affiliation provides specific representation to all levels of government for 4WD issues. We are represented on the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association (AAAA) - on its 4WD Sub Committee, through our affiliation with the National Council. 

In addition, we are represented on local Regional Advisory Councils (RAC's) and the Minsters Advisory Council (MAC) reporting directly to the Minister on issues relating to National Parks and Wildlife. Our members have access as a club to join the National Parks VIP system which gives them unique opportunity's to work on exciting programs in areas not open to the general public.

4WD NSW ACT INC leads the way in providing representation, benefits and rewards to our members across 3 states. Our Association is proud to be a part of the Australian Confederation of Motor Clubs and provide representation on Vehicle Standards Working Groups for Light Bars, Brakes, Suspension and Bull Bars.

Many of our clubs offer through membership access to the Classic Vehicle Scheme (CVS) and the Historic Vehicle Scheme (HVS). In addition, membership offers access to our bi-annual Jamboree and Bi-annual Camp Oven Cook Off. Our delegates meet each quarter in various locations across NSW and the ACT.  

The 4WD and Adventure Show at Eastern Creek each September is wholly owned by the members of 4WD NSW and ACT. This provides a way to showcase our industry to the public, industry leaders, government departments and Ministers. Membership of a 4WD club is rewarding in so many ways. 

"taking the family into the bush - there's true value in that"

- Robin, Aboriginal Elder, Coffs Harbour June 2019.

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