NSW Historic Motoring Association

The NSW Historic Motoring Association (NSWHMA) is a unique combination of motoring enthusiasts clubs. Member clubs are drawn from towns and cities, from the South Australian border to the south-east coast and from the Victorian border to Sydney and Broken Hill. Some clubs located further north in NSW have also joined and others wishing to join will be welcomed into the Association. The variety of clubs is the most unique aspect of the Association, with special interests ranging from historic machinery, street machines, hot rods, omnibuses and trucks, to classic vintage and veteran cars, bikes and competition vehicles of all sorts.

Most of the Clubs are not otherwise affiliated with existing peak bodies but many National Historic Machinery Association (NHMA) members, have already also joined our Association and we have other clubs who retain their Australian Street Rod Association (ASRF) membership while joining our Association. We do not require any club to abandon any existing affiliation to join this Association.

Our members clearly have a broad approach to the motoring enthusiast’s hobby and while all our member clubs are included on the RMS approved list and support the retention of the existing H-plate scheme; they all embrace the introduction of the 60-day log book scheme that will include both original and modified vehicles. This broader perspective contrasts with the narrow vision of some other clubs, who feel that the existing CRS rules serve them well and therefore should not be altered or added to. Our Association has joined the Australian Confederation of Motor Clubs (ACMC) which is equally broad in its approach as it seeks to represent the interests of all motoring enthusiasts.

Motoring enthusiasts have a remarkable record of extremely responsible vehicle use, with an astonishingly low rate of insurance claims. We have a special relationship with our vehicles having invested heavily in time, work and money, and we take very good care of them. Our clubs also have an enviable record of contributing to the societies in which we live. The presence of historic vehicles adds to the appeal of fund raising and community events.  Bikes or cars, tractors or trucks, motoring enthusiasts love their vehicles and are passionate about their hobby and members of the public clearly derive great pleasure from seeing the vehicles and machinery on show and in use. This is who we are.

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