What is Conditional Registration

Conditional registration gives you limited road access to perform specific functions with a non-standard vehicle.

You cannot get conditional registration for a non-standard vehicle if a vehicle that complies Australian Design Rules, can be used instead.

Factors considered in conditional registration include:

  • any vehicle standards shortfall
  • the safety of the person operating the vehicle and any passengers
  • how the vehicle mixes with other vehicles on the road and pedestrians
  • the time of the day or night the vehicle will be operated
  • where the vehicle will be used.

Vehicles that can be conditionally registered

  • agricultural vehicles
  • construction vehicles
  • recreational vehicles (on Stockton Beach only)
  • street rods
  • purpose-built vehicles
  • over snow vehicles
  • rally vehicles 
  • historic vehicles (HVS)
  • classic vehicles. (CVS)